Types of Work Boots

Lace up work boots are available in several popular styles.

  • Steel-toe boots have steel-reinforced toes for jobs that require work with heavy objects.
  • Waterproof or water-resistant boots are designed to primarily keep feet dry for outdoor work.
  • Electrical hazard boots are insulated against electrical current. Some boot offer protection from electrical charges of up to 600 volts.oliver_45-632_ats_lace_up_safety_steel_toe_work_boots_119_480
  • Slip-resistant boots feature soles specially designed to provide traction on wet or oily floors.
  • Insulated boots are for the purpose of keeping feet warm in cold weather.
  • Additional types of boots include all-terrain, medical and soft-toes work boots.

Brands and Prices

Different boot makers offer boots specifically designed for various types of work, some including rangers, farmers, loggers, miners, and mechanics. These popular brands include Timberland, Red Wing, Ariat, Michelin, Caterpillar, Dexter Fargo, Wellington, Rocky and Doc Martens. Most work boots are available only in men’s sizes, however, some manufacturers, including Timberland Ariat, and Rocky, make work boots available in women’s sizes.

Prices vary depending on the category of boot, the brand and area where they are bought, but generally, prices range from $90 for a good rugged pair of work boots, up to $300.

Work Boot Materials

The purchaser of a lace up work boot should identify the feature or features most important before they buy. Some boots have styles that combine a number of features. The boots can be made of rubber, leather, or man-made materials. They are available in a number of styles. These can include various numbers of eyelets in lace up boots, athletic-type shoes and even clogs. One should choose carefully, because these factors can affect a boot’s flexibility, durability, weight, and waterproofing.