Best Work Boot

As stated on the home page, I have used a variety of work boots over the past 20 some odd years as an agriculture teacher. I am challenged to find boots to fit myself because I have a VERY WIDE foot. In most cases, depending on the shoe maker, I have to purchase up to a “EEE” width boot. I actually refer to this as “Bozo” size (a reference to the wide, funny shoes that Bozo the Clown wore in cartoons when I was a child). So, for myself, this is an important consideration in purchasing the best boot.

Another important facet is the comfort of the boot, especially the sole. This is important because I have back and knee problems. A wolverine-bootscomfortable, shock-absorbing sole helps me get through the day and protect my joints.

Looking at these features, and having tried several brands, I have found that the Wolverine company manufactures boots that are well suit my needs. This has absolutely nothing to do with my favorite comic book superhero either (almost nothing).

Seriously, the company says that Wolverine Boots and Wolverine Shoes are well known as leaders in product development technology. They focus on engineering that is designed to continually improve performance. They say that recent developments at the Wolverine Company including the groundbreaking Wolverine Durashock Compressor and Wolverine Multishock lines. This is one of the features that I like best. These feature some of the best innovations in safety and shock resistance in the footwear industry today. Wolverine Safety Shoes and Wolverine Work Boots seeking to improvements, have developed an excellent track record of product refinements. This is due to their careful product development research. Also, they are innovators in safety and durability and continually add this to their large product lineup. The Wolverine Boots and Shoes company market a broad line up of Wolverine Steel Toe Boots, Wolverine Steel Toe Shoes, Wolverine Composite Toe, and Titanium Toe technologies for the tough conditions facing folks in the workplace.