Lace Up Work Boots

I remember as a young child watching men lace up their work boots. They used these boots for a variety of purposes. Of course, work was a main purpose. However, they used them for hunting, fishing, shopping, farming, and sometimes to wear to church, among other uses.

Today, as a teacher of agriculture, I have spent a large part of my bootprofessional life wearing lace up leather work boots. I prefer those with comfortable soles as a I am a large guy. My boots will be about six inches tall, covering the ankle.

Justin Lace Up Work Boots

I have found Justin steel toed boots to be useful in my career. These steel toes have protected my feet while working in woodworking and metal welding shops. They have been especially useful while working with livestock. This is because sometimes show cattle will accidentally step on toes of handlers.

I have found steel toe boots to be helpful when being playfully accosted by a number of guys. A gentle kick to the shin with a steel toe boot can get someone’s attention quickly.

For myself, as with many workers, a sturdy pair of lace up work boots is as essential as the tools used on the job. As there are many different careers and work types, there are various types of work boots, some are even designed for specific workplace environments.

Metal shop workers, for example, need reinforced toes to help avoid lacerations, broken bones, or punctures. Outdoor workers or those slick surfaces probably need special soles to help protect against slips and falls. A lot of my neighbors who are weekend handymen will want protective, sturdy boots for home or yard projects. Not all boots are made of equal quality, even though they may look similiar.